Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Welcome to April

Hello there! It's been a while huh?

I've been doing the usual working at a new job and moving house (twice on both accounts) and also working like a fiend on my book projects: The Big Book of Gay Fairytales (you thought I'd forgotten) and the book of short stories that I am writing with the handsome and blind Dylan (we live together now. He's a nerd).
The fairytales are now going to be released volume by volume rather than as a collection, which really takes the pressure off me. Since it is a picture book I am of course working hard on the illustrations and also correcting old pictures. Hands, eh? Important to know how they work! Here is one example:

Would you just look at those fingernails. Magnificent. Oh crap I forgot to give him a ring. I'll do that later.

I'm also illustrating the short stories, vaguely. You remember those old books where you'd get an occasional cross-hatched drawing every few pages? That's what I'm going for. I'm actually really excited about it. Here's one:

This picture is from a story called Snowy. It's about a little slave golem who learns about how to gain her freedom in a book of braille.

Progress swings wildly between sluggish and rapid, but I am just happy that progress is being made. I'm hoping to have both works ready for publication by October. OCTOBER. That's in half a year! I'd better get back to it - later taters~~

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