Monday, 6 May 2013

Gender roles

When did I get so upset by the assumed gender roles? I never cared before, but now I'm noticing it everywhere.

For example, I went grocery shopping with my brother Mikey last week and we stopped by the deli so I could buy some ham steaks for soup we were going to make. I had a brief, friendly conversation with the woman who served me and we moved on. Later I realised I'd forgotten something else at the deli and went back. Mikey realised that lemons were fascinating, so he did not join me. When I got back to the deli the same woman greeted me. I sheepishly said "I'm sorry I'm back, I forgot something."
She responded "That's understandable, that's what happens when you bring hubby with you!"
I corrected her, saying that Mikey was my brother. Without missing a beat she quipped "Well either way, it's like that when you bring a MAN with you!"

A couple years ago I wouldn't have even noticed this, but I was suddenly quite irritated. Assuming any male with me was my husband was the first issue. Assuming that any male with me would disrupt me in any task I set upon was the next. I know my brother is a dithering doofhead but she is not allowed to make that assumption about him.

Am I growing up? at 25 I should hope so.

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  1. Some people just assume the world works just as they see it, don't let that lady's comments irritate you. A dude once asked me if the wife dragged me down to buy flowers. Told him I didn't have no wife, it's just that Iike gardening. He stared at me looking all weird before strolling away :\ yeah, any color then, hahah!