Thursday, 24 November 2011

It's a pretty good metaphor, guys

Hahahahoooh Tim and his sexual ambiguity. To those of you who got the metaphor.


  1. why does she have ears? Is it a headband with attached ears or is she some sort of mythical furry creature?
    And when he said peg I didn't know what that meant so searched urban dictionary and pegging is anal sex reveresed. instead of the man sticking his penis up the womans butt, the woman wears a strap-on and sticks it up the mans butt.

  2. oh, well Anon. I think you missunderstood the use of the word 'peg' you missunderstood it like the way a lot of people missunderstand Third Eye Blind's song Jumper. A lot of people think the song's an anti-suicide anthem but in the song the jumper actually does succeed in killing himself the line "well he's on the table and he's gone to code." like, a hospital bed and coding when someone's heart stops.

    And the "your friends have left you've been dissmissed, i never thought that it would come to this but i want you to know... everyone's got to face down their demons... maybe today... you can put the past away."

    he's been dissmissed because he's dead and the singers saying that he never thought that the guys depression or whatever would end in suicide but now that he's dead maybe he's faced his demons and can now put his past away and be free in death...

  3. I picked up on the sexual ambiguity like in The Breakfast Club when Jon Bender refers to his penis as "the hot beef injection" and fishy as the dickens.. Well Dickens wrote Moby Dick which's quite clever and I've heard vagina being refered to as a 'fish taco' but I;ve actually in all of my taco consuming years I have never eaten a fish taco and was just wondering how common the consumption of fish tacos are?

    Hey anon OP asl?

    23/f/chch I'm into pegging!

  4. I'd explain the joke, but I'm pretty sure you're all fucking with me. In fact you might be the same person.

    Now I'ma have an icecream sammich.

  5. i can haz icecream sammich?

  6. Cat you have a sense of colour and shading and composition so magnificent!

    and how did this talk of pegging even start?

    I wonder what the corilation of percentages are of guys who are in to pegging and guys who've been admitted to hospital because they fell on a dildo and it got stuck at 3am when they were naked and hanging their curtains is? And further more.. i wonder why those dildos that get removed are always black?

    I also like how in panel 6 you've managed to nail that 'turn gay strut away'

  7. hey anon 03 it's anon 01 here are you hot? depending on your hottness i may be curious about pegging. I've heard that you can use your turds to measure how big of a dick or dildo you could take in your ass and i'm a person who keeps a butterknife in my toliet so i can cut my turds so theyre able to flush.. i guess that means i could handle something similar? in the vasinity of the second reflector strip on a road cone.

    anyway hit me up on myspace if your keen bay

  8. So quickly the comments have turned to smut. To Anon 1 yes that is a headband, it's explained a few comics back when Emo Jade first moves in.

    You can all has icecream sammiches.

  9. Do you think Sonic the Hedgehog would've been able to defeat the army of Dr Robotnik wearing one of those headbands or with you at the controls of a Sega Megadrive Cat?

    Sometimes I wonder: If I reach the top pinnacle of relevancy, will my family understand what I have achieved?

    Is Emo Jade based on an actual person? Why did Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel breakup? Did she have deep emotional issues that required professional help?

    Maybe she always left the toliet seat up?

    So many questions!

    Anyway anon #3 It's Anon #1 again and I've decided I'm no longer into pegging after watching a man and a glass jar on the internet and I now have concerns on weather pegging's a safe practice.. and you probs look like Miss Piggy

  10. Oh my god these comments are gold. even if it is just Cat practising her creative writing.
    Two commenters wanting to experiment with pegging? sure, no problem there.
    The guy trying to seduce the girl by describing how he cuts his turds up with a butter knife? Mad.
    Then suddenly citing a completely unrelated video to discount any chance of an encounter instead? Madder.

    For the record, and as it seems necessary to separate the idea of pegging from the madness above, I, as a relatively sane and rational person, personally have no problem with pegging and would be interested in experimenting with it myself. 24/m/chch

    And oh yes there is more. Moby Dick was not written by Dickens it was written by Herman Melville. "Fishy as the dickens" could well be a clever layered reference to Moby dick in this context but mainly "like the dickens" is used to emphasise something, as in "what the dickens" "where the dickens" and more to the theme of this comic and its comments, "hurts like the dickens"

    Anyway sorry for the rambling, but I have certainly been entertained. Forgive me but there must be something in the water.

  11. I think it's about time I updated with another comic before this comment thread gets any worse (better?). Now to find a scanner.

  12. I never get the sexual innuendos, and this case it wasn't the exception. And i have 22 yo, sometimes idk if i'm pathetic or just incompetent. Or "a mixture of the two".