Thursday, 7 April 2011

Oh Lordy

Boy am I tired... I met up with a personal trainer friend for a fitness test and it was UNPLEASANT. She made me wear a spiked bridle and drag livestock carcasses up and down Columbo street I DO NOT EVEN THINK I AM EXAGGERATING. She calls it jogging and pushups etc but I feel my opinion is justified.

In other news, my currently useless legs do not matter as I have been sketching up a storm and I have several (SEVERAL) comics ready for either inking or reducing before scanning. Ideas have mostly been coming from conversations with friends so FRIENDS if I have used your words do come over and I will pay you with home-baked cookies and peanuts.

Though people have been telling me I should get with the times and do some digital work I'm just so DAMNED CLUELESS that I shy away from using my graphic tablet... my computer having a terrible lag doesn't help. We shall see, when I'm well and truly ahead I may dabble a little. Feel free to donate to the Cat-needs-a-new-goddamn-computer fund through the palpal button located to the left!

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