Friday, 1 April 2011

At last, some words!

Hey guys I would like to welcome you to Drugs in the! If you are now following me either on or off Blogger then THANK YOU. If you see me maybe I will buy you a beer, or some popcorn, or something!

At the moment I am updating with archived scans from around 2 years ago which is why the quality is dubious... But they give me some time to set up things such as design layout and drawing background art etc. So if you are a GOOD and PATIENT person this site will hopefully blossom into a website that you can be proud to bookmark. And if google ads and donations from people reading will allow perhaps I will even get a proper website with ComicPress, and buy a scanner that scans rather than be a somewhat convenient coffee table.

Anyways, watch this space, I think I should be able to update on weekdays as I need the weekend for partyin' partin' partyin' fun fun fun fun. We so excited!

- Cat

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